St. Paul, Minnesota:  Carlos Viveros-Colorado lost control of his car and killed 16 year old Clarisse Grime as she sat on a bench waiting for a bus.  Carlos is an illegal immigrant, a previously convicted drunk driver, a serial speeder, an unlicensed driver and now he is also a killer.

The St Louis Pioneer Press reports that Carlos had been “voluntarily deported” after a 2001 DWI conviction but he re-entered a second time illegally.

– July 19, 2011: St. Paul police cited him for speeding and driving without a license

– March 8, 2012: Newport, MN police cited him again for driving without a license

– April 19, 2012: Minnesota State Patrol cited him for speeding and driving without a license

The Police never asked Viveros-Colorado about his immigration status nor was the knowledge of his deportation and illegal re-entry available to officers when they ran a check on him.  St. Paul is a sanctuary city and prohibits the police from inquiring about immigration status.  Information was not available to the other officers because there was no outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Think about that for a moment.  With all of the money, people and technological resources at their disposal, the federal government, the State of Minnesota, Ramsey County and the City of St. Paul were unable or unwilling to determine that a previously deported illegal alien and convicted drunk driver, driving around town without a license was in their grasp.  So Clarisse died.

That’s your government at work keeping you safe.

The Minnesota Department of Education routinely hands out waivers to high school students who have not met the requirements for graduation.  In the Minneapolis school district more than a third of those receiving diplomas do not meet the requirement.  In St. Paul, there isn’t even an accurate figure because the district doesn’t track the number of waiver-dependent diplomas it issues.

Brenda Cassellius, Commissioner of Minnesota’s Department of Education defends giving diplomas to those unable to pass the test required by Minnesota law.  “When you have about half the kids not passing, you know you have to do something,” Cassellius said “you cannot just deny diplomas.”

Yes you can.  And when you don’t the final lesson you teach is that rules don’t count and laws don’t need to be obeyed.  As for the “you have to do something” how about fixing the schools so they will teach.

This is your government at work educating your children.

If Obama wins re-election, your government will be at work providing your healthcare as well.

Digested and edited from an excellent blog post by Tim Droogsma.


  1. “Quite frankly, I would like to see those pushing and enforcing sanctuary policy publicly, for all to witness, explain to the parents of Clarisse Grime, an only child, why immigration laws are not enforced in Minnesota and instead we reward illegal behavior with a pass,” said Hendrycks, the Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform president.

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