In the old South and the KKK days, blacks in the North who began to vote, voted mostly Republican.  They didn’t vote much in the South because the Democrats imposed a “poll tax” that was too burdensome for blacks to pay.  It was the creation of dependency status that turned the black vote in favor of the Democratic Party.  It was FDR more than anyone else who was responsible for turning that vote.

The Jewish vote and funding has gone primarily to Democrats from the start.  Could it be that Obama will be responsible for changing that metric?  Again from today’s NYT  “the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, is starting a new effort in battleground states to win over Jewish voters.”  And has been noted many places, contributions from Jewish sources for Obama are falling far short of traditional levels.

Obama’s negative attitude toward Israel has not gone unnoticed.  Neither has his non-critical acceptance of the Muslim Brotherhood as the Egyptian winners in Egypt.  The Jewish community’s century-long nexus with the Democratic Party is dramatically eroding under this President.  There is no more Jewish populated voting district in America than the 9th District of New York.  In the 2010 election the district elected a Republican Congressman for the first time in 88 years.

It will be interesting to see if the voting follows the same path as the funding.  I believe it will.

One response to “THE JEWISH VOTE

  1. There is certainly a fair argument to be made that Jewish voters are gettable for Republicans. The special election in former congressman Anthony Weiner’s (D) New York City district last year, in which the GOP stole the most heavily Jewish district in the country , is Case Study No. 1.

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