We are talking here about your neighbor’s political orientation and not his procreation inclination.  Team Obama’s exploitation of the voting system is unprecedented.  One must give the devil his due it has been said, the Team does not let any aspect of technology go to waste.  If you want to know how your neighbors generally vote you don’t even need to leave your house to find out.

Simply use your mobile device to go to the website Obama for America and download the mobile app for free.  Plug in and your address, or any address, and a street map displays with little blue flags on the houses of the Democrats.  There is nothing intrinsically devious about this; it is disquieting nonetheless.  It is one more block in the creation of the house of Orwell.  Devices already in your TV tell someone what you are watching at night.  GPS transmitters already in some cars tell someone exactly where you parked on Tuesday from 3:11 until 4:27 pm.  One wonders if 100 years from now thought transmitters may be planted in newborns at birth with thought receivers on sale at Radio Shack.

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