When Osama bin Laden was killed, I gave a modicum of credit to Barack bin Obama for authorizing the hit.  I was wrong; he didn’t deserve a whit.  How much credit do you give a burglar for using a comfortable rope to tie up his victim?

It has come out since that he denied the operation more than once before finally allowing it.  In his rhetoric he repeatedly took the credit for having accomplished the feat but he did not initiate it; he did not plan it and he did not carry it out.  President Bush initiated the search; our military carried it out. It just happened on Obama’s watch and all he did was try to stop it and even in that, he failed (thankfully).

All of that is manifestation of political opportunism,  poor judgement and lack of respect for those who risk their lives for the rest of us.  It gets worse, much worse.  Watch the video.  It’s not short, so allow time for it.

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