f you tally up the numbers of highly successful people you will find roughly as many Democrats as Republicans.  However, when you count the losers it’s a different story.  The denizens of the underground economy, the gamers of the system, the perpetually unemployed and the takers from the makers flock overwhelmingly to the Democratic Party.  You can add prisoners to that list as well.  Otherwise why would Democrats occasionally move to restore the voting rights of convicted felons and Republicans always oppose it?

In the Democratic Party you are a member of a group.  Obama’s gift registry, for instance, solicits donors from 16 listed groups.  Starting with African Americans and then including Native, Jewish, Latino and even a group called LGBT Americans, finally ending up near the bottom of the alphabet with Young People.  To a conservative you are either Sid, Sally, Jose, Sarah or Bob.  To a liberal you are either a Black, Jewish, Hispanic or Gay person.  Or you may even be white Anglo-Saxon in which case you have a special burden of guilt to bear.

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