Try typing on a computer with a keyboard that has 30 keys for the 26 letters and hides the Y in the lower left corner of the keyboard and you will begin to understand what I am up against.  Several keys have 3 symbols.  Press only the 8 key and you get the number 8 as expected.  But you also need to use the 8 key somehow to type the question mark and the backward backslash.  There is both an ALT key and an ALT GR key and another key to type a double S (SS).  And I don’ t know where the @ is at.  I have not found it anywhere.

All this is just one reason posts have been so sparse while I am overseas on this trip.  Don’t ask why I don’t use my own laptop that I brought along.  You wouldn’t want to hear that story too.  New posts may be sparse until after I get home on Sept 5th.


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