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DSK, aka Dominique Straus-Kahn the aspiring president of France, told the New York police that they could not arrest or hold him because he had diplomatic immunity.  In effect, was he not saying ‘I have a right to abuse women sexually because I am a politician’?

He was, of course, hoping to be free to return to his home in France.  Certainly, by making such a claim of immunity, he exhibited a massive audacity of hope.

Andrew Weiner (D-NY) said repeatedly and repeatedly, over and over again, (often) “I take full responsibility for my actions” but he refused to resign.  Full responsibility in Weiner’s mind, was limited to an admission of guilt.  In hoping a mere confession would enable him to remain in office, Weiner exhibited a massive audacity of hope.

Barack Obama (D-US) is following an agenda that is destructive to our nation.  More and more voters are coming to realize just what it was that Obama meant with his promise of Change.  He and his minions will be resoudedly thrown out of office on their kiesters in 2012.  That, my friends, is my audacity of hope.

Bob B.