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DSK, aka Dominique Straus-Kahn the aspiring president of France, told the New York police that they could not arrest or hold him because he had diplomatic immunity.  In effect, was he not saying ‘I have a right to abuse women sexually because I am a politician’?

He was, of course, hoping to be free to return to his home in France.  Certainly, by making such a claim of immunity, he exhibited a massive audacity of hope.

Andrew Weiner (D-NY) said repeatedly and repeatedly, over and over again, (often) “I take full responsibility for my actions” but he refused to resign.  Full responsibility in Weiner’s mind, was limited to an admission of guilt.  In hoping a mere confession would enable him to remain in office, Weiner exhibited a massive audacity of hope.

Barack Obama (D-US) is following an agenda that is destructive to our nation.  More and more voters are coming to realize just what it was that Obama meant with his promise of Change.  He and his minions will be resoudedly thrown out of office on their kiesters in 2012.  That, my friends, is my audacity of hope.

Bob B.


After Gen. Douglas MacArthur was fired by President Truman, MacArthur famously said “Old soldiers never die.  They just fade away.”  That may be the case with old generals, but what do discarded politicians do?

They become talk show hosts.  Scott Johnson has a suggestion for CNN; they could take Andrew Weiner on as a co-host and call it the Spitzer-Weiner Report.  There is a risk.  The congressman’s style is even nastier than that of Keith Olbermann or Ed Schulz.  But if he succumbs to an undisciplined mouth they way those two did, there is always John Edwards.  It would still be an all Democrat, all star show.  Although, as Scott pointed out, Edwards may not be aailable immediately.

Just imagine.  It could be the Next Generation in cable news, a program centered on excuses for corruption and stories of great right wing conspiracies and conservative hackers concocting tales of sexual escapades as though they were real.  With no pretense of truthfulness, no claim to fairness in broadcasting it would be the ultimate Political Reality show.


Chris Matthews said Weiner should stay on because “he still has a roll to play” for the American people.  On Matthews’ Hardball program there is less talk about condemnation and more talk on how Weiner should have dealt with the issue once the story first broke out.  To the folks at MSNBC the real shame is not Weiner’s actions. The real shame is that Democrats stand to lose a strong voice in Congress if Weiner loses his post.  Even Harry Reid didn’t stoop that low.

Reid said “I know Representative Weiner.  I wish I could defend him, but I can’t”.  Chalk one up on the good side for Harry.

Watch this video of Weiner defending himself on ABC. Please excuse the brief ad. Watch it all, then ask yourself what kind of person it would take to defend this man as fit to represent the American people.


Some hack once said, “Vegetables are not food.  Vegetables are what food eats.”  Undoubtedly, the hack was a redneck conservative with a decided distaste for liberal food.  I would have liked him.

Now it seems, with the advent of the Socialist regime, scratch that, the Barack Obama regime, we have a new wave of limousines for our liberal leaders.  My immediate thought on hearing this was “Limousines are not for the poor.  Limousines are for liberals who feed off the poor.”  Without the poor to save from poverty the liberals would have no constituency to put them in office.  Liberal politicians have the psychologist’s dilemma.  The better you do your job of solving the patient’s problem the faster you lose your customers.

Weasel Zippers (howz that for a blog name) is just one of many to report that the Socialist regime, scratch that, the Obama Administration has increased the limousine fleet by 73%.  Imagine that, 73%.  Of course there is no good reason why a political hero should have to ride in the back of a Chevrolet like.., well,…like the poor people, the masses.

We understand some, like Hillary, prefer very lightly tinted glass so they can be seen and photographed by the press while going about their hero work.  Others prefer the opaque look with strictly one way glass, Congressman Weiner for instance.  Still others don’t care as long as it has a bar.


Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was a vociferous, even vicious, supporter of Obamacare in the House, but he wants a waiver for his city.

The waivers started with Obama’s favorite company, Jeffery Immelt’s General Electric and parent of MSNBC. Now more than a thousand waivers have been granted. Whole states and cities want out now that the bill has past and they know what is in it.

The video is a display of Weiner’s colorful style on the floor of the House. Please excuse the ad; it’s very short. I would not want this man as my next door neighbor.


The games politicians play.

The House bill would provide special medical benefits for the heroes of 911. Both parties overwhelmingly favor providing the benefits contained in the bill. So why was it defeated and why is the issue so hot in the House?

It is politics of course.  It would have passed under the general rules of the House. But those rules allow the proposal of amendments from any Congressman. There is a special rule that blocks amendments.  The party that controls the House sets the House rules. The Democrats selected the second rule so Republicans would be unable to propose any amendments.

It would have passed under the general rules. The Democrats control the House and had the votes needed. They chose to present the bill for vote in a manner that assured its defeat.

This New York Times article explains it fairly well. However, I would suggest changing the very first sentence from:

House Republicans on Thursday blocked a Democratic plan to provide billions of dollars for medical treatment to rescue workers and residents of New York City who suffered illnesses from the toxic dust and debris at ground zero.

To read:

House Democrats blocked passage of their own plan to provide billions of dollars for medical treatment to rescue workers and residents of New York City who suffered illnesses from the toxic dust and debris at ground zero. Despite having the votes for passage under the general rules, the Majority party chose to invoke a special rule that led to its defeat.

Here is the heated exchange as the two parties display their anger.