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After Gen. Douglas MacArthur was fired by President Truman, MacArthur famously said “Old soldiers never die.  They just fade away.”  That may be the case with old generals, but what do discarded politicians do?

They become talk show hosts.  Scott Johnson has a suggestion for CNN; they could take Andrew Weiner on as a co-host and call it the Spitzer-Weiner Report.  There is a risk.  The congressman’s style is even nastier than that of Keith Olbermann or Ed Schulz.  But if he succumbs to an undisciplined mouth they way those two did, there is always John Edwards.  It would still be an all Democrat, all star show.  Although, as Scott pointed out, Edwards may not be aailable immediately.

Just imagine.  It could be the Next Generation in cable news, a program centered on excuses for corruption and stories of great right wing conspiracies and conservative hackers concocting tales of sexual escapades as though they were real.  With no pretense of truthfulness, no claim to fairness in broadcasting it would be the ultimate Political Reality show.


Most stupid statement ever uttered.

“[Unemployment compensation] creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.” Sure, and the quickest way to dry your clothes is to put them out in the rain.

Play the video. Her appeal is pathetic. The only thing that can be learned from it is how little regard some Politicians (D) Any State, have for the intelligence of their constituents.

As Monty Python would say, now for something completely different.

Hmmm…John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, Jack Kennedy and now Al Gore. Why is it the Democrats have all the fun while the best a Republican can do is tap his foot on a men’s room floor?

Bob B

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