Some hack once said, “Vegetables are not food.  Vegetables are what food eats.”  Undoubtedly, the hack was a redneck conservative with a decided distaste for liberal food.  I would have liked him.

Now it seems, with the advent of the Socialist regime, scratch that, the Barack Obama regime, we have a new wave of limousines for our liberal leaders.  My immediate thought on hearing this was “Limousines are not for the poor.  Limousines are for liberals who feed off the poor.”  Without the poor to save from poverty the liberals would have no constituency to put them in office.  Liberal politicians have the psychologist’s dilemma.  The better you do your job of solving the patient’s problem the faster you lose your customers.

Weasel Zippers (howz that for a blog name) is just one of many to report that the Socialist regime, scratch that, the Obama Administration has increased the limousine fleet by 73%.  Imagine that, 73%.  Of course there is no good reason why a political hero should have to ride in the back of a Chevrolet like.., well,…like the poor people, the masses.

We understand some, like Hillary, prefer very lightly tinted glass so they can be seen and photographed by the press while going about their hero work.  Others prefer the opaque look with strictly one way glass, Congressman Weiner for instance.  Still others don’t care as long as it has a bar.

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