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The Republicans caved when Boehner offered a tax increase for the rich.  Obama said no and offered nothing in return.  The Republicans caved on the debt limit.  Obama said no and offered nothing in return.  An uncompromising stance is a win-win for the president.  Either he gets 100% of what he wants or he gets a crisis, a crisis that the majority will see as Republican caused.  Resolution isn’t the road to more power; a crisis is.

Obama may not know (or care) how an economy works but he does know how to get elected and how to maximize his power.  He is the product of democracy predicted by both Plato and Aristotle.  One who is put in power by the masses due to his ability to charm them, not for his knowledge and ability to govern for their benefit.

The community organizer will certainly take us to the brink and maybe over.  Our best hope is that he sees a last minute compromise as a dramatic way to claim he fought to the bitter end then finally saved the country from the radical right.


House leader Boehner apparently has found it impossible to deal with Obama because the President first agrees before he doesn’t. In a Saturday conference call the Speaker told colleagues he told the President,

“As I read the Constitution, the Congress writes the laws and you get to decide what you want to sign.”

Wow! Now we know why Obama was so angry in his Saturday night prime time address. Go, Boehner, Go! Hang tough. I didn’t know you had it in you.

As I see it, this has put the ball squarely in the Democrat’s court. The House passed the only debt limit bill ever presented in either chamber and passed it with an overwhelming majority vote. It is up to the Senate to agree to it as it stands or offer modifications that might be agree upon. Obama has been taken out of the loop.

If Boehner’s strategy works, the President’s only choice will be to sign the bill or veto it. Either way he loses. It’s a high risk strategy that could misfire if negotiations fail in the Senate. Voters in both parties are unhappy with their elected officials. All the Republicans need to get it through is a couple of Democrats with wobbly seats facing re-election. Harry Reid would be in no position to fail to bring it to a vote.