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Caricature artists, get ready, here comes John Bolton and his mustache. John has been seen reading maps of Iowa and practicing with a Frisbie. That tells us that, if he deems he has any chance at all, he will be throwing his hat into the 2012 ring. To borrow a phrase from Rowan and Martin’s Arte Johnson, that could be …”verrry eenteresting.”

A Bolton run would be more fun than a human being should be allowed to have. John is already a certified target of the liberal press so we know he is a bona fide conservative. He knows his way around Washington but without the tarnish of ever having been an elected politician. He is a no-nonsense guy who goes right to the point. The greatest scandal in his background was relieving an incompetent bureaucrat from his duties. Somehow I don’t think that will hurt him. And best of all, he can speak with no teleprompter at all.


John Bolton agrees with Random Thots.

In Obama’s War? we argued that America has been a catalyst for good. Standing firm with our friends we presented a formidable front to anyone who might challenge any free nation among us. Obama is dismantling these alliances and breaking a solidarity that has been crucial for deterrence against aggression by our adversaries upon our allies.

Power Line reports on Bolton’s comments,

Bolton concludes that the harm caused by American weakness on the Gaza blockade issue will reach far beyond the Middle East: “America’s friends and allies increasingly realize that President Obama won’t stand with them in controversial circumstances.” Bolton suggests that “those closest to us will calibrate their own interests more carefully to hedge against US weakness, step by step distancing themselves from us.” I would add only that those most opposed to us have taken the measure of Obama’s weakness and are taking advantage of it in ways that bring a major conflagration ever closer.

Reagan made sure we carried a big stick and peace prevailed. Obama is whittling the stick into a symbol of submission. The United States has been the cop on the beat that caused the felon to walk on by. But the cop has been recalled from duty and Iran is not the only felon to notice it.

It could take a lifetime to reverse the damage this President is doing.

Bob B

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