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Newt Gingrich has already declared war.  What would he do if he were President?

His war with the press continues, “I won’t debate Obama if media moderates..”  So does his war against Mitt Romney, “Mitt Romney is a liberal and a liar who is no different from Barack Obama.”  Newt’s strategy is to leave no prisoners.  Gingrich showed lack of wisdom in refusing to allow the media to moderate debates with Obama.  In his attacks on Romney’s wealth, Gingrich employs the same of class warfare demagoguery as the President.  It seems to me that between the two, it’s not Romney, but Gingrich who is closer to Obama.

In Newt’s wars the winner is Obama.  The President has divided this nation as never before since the Civil War.  Newt is dividing the Republican Party, perhaps as never before.  Nonetheless, whoever wins the nomination must get whole-hearted support or America’s descent into full blown socialism will accelerate under Barack Obama.