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Newt Gingrich has already declared war.  What would he do if he were President?

His war with the press continues, “I won’t debate Obama if media moderates..”  So does his war against Mitt Romney, “Mitt Romney is a liberal and a liar who is no different from Barack Obama.”  Newt’s strategy is to leave no prisoners.  Gingrich showed lack of wisdom in refusing to allow the media to moderate debates with Obama.  In his attacks on Romney’s wealth, Gingrich employs the same of class warfare demagoguery as the President.  It seems to me that between the two, it’s not Romney, but Gingrich who is closer to Obama.

In Newt’s wars the winner is Obama.  The President has divided this nation as never before since the Civil War.  Newt is dividing the Republican Party, perhaps as never before.  Nonetheless, whoever wins the nomination must get whole-hearted support or America’s descent into full blown socialism will accelerate under Barack Obama.


Florida was the best debate yet!  Every candidate did well.  The crowd was very much engaged.  It was the first debate that was actually fun to watch.  If you missed it, here is the CNN video.

When Gingrich walked in he was greeted loudly with a combination of boos and cheers.  Nothing could be more appropriate for a man of his controversy.  The audience was listening, thinking and objective.  They voiced their approval or disapproval according to the substance of the statements made, not according to who it was that made them

Who won?  They all did.  The in-fighting damage was done well before this debate.  However, this time the responses were high caliber and right on the mark.  Every candidate looked strong and got an enthusiastic response from the audience when they liked what he said.  Each one also felt the barbs of disapproval when they stepped out of line.  Gingrich won the least, but they all won because they made their party look good (let’s make that ‘look better’).

Nonetheless, it is still a ‘stuck with’ list.



Much has been said about how well Newt Gingrich would do in televised debates with Barack Obama.  However, most of the accolades come from observers in the conservative camp.  Moderates and independents who do not share Gingrich’s views are not as impressed by his quick and witty sound bite retorts.  The candidate also has more baggage than either Romney or Paul, and I guess we still need to include Santorum.

But the real reason the Republican Party is not behind Gingrich for the nomination is none of the above.  The prime reason is the general public doesn’t favor Gingrich over Obama and the Republican Party wants to win.

These polls gathered by The Washington Examiner tell the story.  The comparisons between Gingrich and Romney are stark.

Fox News, 1/12-1/14:
Obama, fav/unfav, 51%/46%, +5
Romney, fav/unfav, 45%/38%, +7
Gingrich, fav/unfav, 27%/56%, -29

CBS/NYT, 1/12-1/17:
Obama, fav/unfav, 38%/45%, -7
Romney, fav/unfav, 21%/35%, -14
Gingrich, fav/unfav, 17%/49%, -32

PPP, 1/13-1/17:
Obama, app/dis, 47%/50%, -3
Romney, fav/unfav, 35%/53%, -18
Gingrich, fav/unfav, 26%/60%, -34



From the New York Times

Gingrich Jousts With Rivals Ahead of Vote


Newt Gingrich turned aside questions about his marital history at the final Republican debate before the South Carolina primary, and then took on Mitt Romney

Turned aside ??  Good heavens and mercy me, Gingrich did not turn it aside; he threw it back in their face!  “and then he took on Romney”? No, New York Times, not quite.  And then he took on the press.  

Gingrich’s remarks were a virtual declaration of war on the media. When Ronald Reagan knocked the press he was polite.  Mild mannered George W. Bush didn’t knock the press.  You might say their styles were appeasement.  Newt’s style is war.

It was not MSNBC that he was attacking.  That network came fully out of the closet some time ago.  It was ABC and all the other left “leaning” media that some people, believe it or not, still think report the news objectively.  Gingrich has given a lot of people reason to pause and think. And that’s a good thing.

Click for video.


The bombshell was a dud.  Even Marianne said as much when she laughed at the thought when Brian Ross suggested it in the interview.

She talked on video for two hours to ABC investigative reporter Brian Ross, an edited version of which will be broadcast on Thursday night’s “Nightline,” and a transcript of which was released today. She laughed when told that some were reporting that she had a “bombshell,” and emphasized that many of her views of Newt Gingrich and his political positions are positive. 

That changes the picture a bit.  We were led to the Hell bound fury idea by ABC.  Shame on them and shame on us.  We have known for years that the networks sensationalize the weather. Why not politics?  We should have expected the bombshell to be all shell and no bomb.  Our post was on the right track but we apologize for the headline.

All this is not to say we approve of Newt Gingrich’s marital history; frankly it’s been a mess.



Marianne Gingrich has a story to tell. It’s an old story; we know that. Her fury is not shared by her step-daughters; we know that. ABC is making much hoopla preliminary to release of the story; we know that. The reported controversy at ABC headquarters has heightened interest in the story; we know that. Is the network’s controversy real or promotional? We don’t know that. Is Marianne’s story truthful or revengeful? There is every reason to believe it is the latter and that creates doubts about the former.

Newt Gingrich’s political career could be over if perchance he has done something really despicable, for instance something like cheating on his wife with a young subordinate on public property. And should he compound his image problem by showing ignorance of the fact that an oral genital union is an act of sex, he would surely be through. He is a Republican.

RANDOM THOTS, Jan 8, 2012

The signs of protest  –
Have you ever taken note of all those signs that protesters carry about?  I’m not referring to what they say, but how they are made, for example from a side torn from a cardboard box with crude lettering, no artistic talent exhibited, some of them are supported with sticks, others held awkwardly by their edge during march.  Surely they could do better if they wanted to.

But nicely constructed signs are artifacts of the establishment and are out of place in an anti-establishment crowd.  A crisp well drawn sign on a fresh piece of poster board represents an accomplishment.  But the intent is to present an image of impoverishment and oppression.  It takes a motley sign to do that.  So motley signs are what they make.

The labor unions supported Obamacare –
But when they found out what is in it, they didn’t want it.  As I recall, neither did the members of Congress who voted for it.  Oh sure, they wanted it for others, but not for themselves.  Our lawmakers have their own plan.  They know what’s in it and they want to keep it.

One year ago, labor unions like the SEIU and teacher’s unions applied for  waivers to shield 40% of their members from the requirements of Obamacare.  Under this administration, what labor wants, labor gets.  The waivers were granted.

Putting their worst feet forward
The Republican Party has Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Governors Chris Christie, Scott Walker and Mitch Daniels.  The nominees for the Office of the President are Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.  The Party has the right people; unfortunately the best of them are not running for the higher office.

There can be little doubt that consideration of the amount of filth that would be thrown at, not just the candidate, but also at their families is a factor.  It is one thing to be willing to sacrifice yourself.  It is quite another to choose a path that will submit you loved ones to the same heart wrenching fate.


The Democratic Party’s character assassins can cut another notch in their gun.  It looks like they have done it again, judges Pickering and Bork, candidates Palin and Cain all maliciously, viciously, personally and successfully attacked.  That’s not the full list, to be sure.

This time the Democrats may have shot themselves in the foot.  Cain would have vulnerabilities in the general election.  He is weak on foreign policy and has no experience in government.  Killing Cain cleared the way for Newt Gingrich to represent the conservative faction within the Republican Party.  It would do my heart good to see Cain win the nomination but Gingrich is the stronger candidate.

A note to Michelle:  I was always proud of my country until your husband became President. And I will be proud again when he’s not.