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Marianne Gingrich has a story to tell. It’s an old story; we know that. Her fury is not shared by her step-daughters; we know that. ABC is making much hoopla preliminary to release of the story; we know that. The reported controversy at ABC headquarters has heightened interest in the story; we know that. Is the network’s controversy real or promotional? We don’t know that. Is Marianne’s story truthful or revengeful? There is every reason to believe it is the latter and that creates doubts about the former.

Newt Gingrich’s political career could be over if perchance he has done something really despicable, for instance something like cheating on his wife with a young subordinate on public property. And should he compound his image problem by showing ignorance of the fact that an oral genital union is an act of sex, he would surely be through. He is a Republican.