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Mustafa al-Yazid,  also known as Sheik Saeed al-Masri, was al Qaeda’s #3 until he was droned to dust by a predator missile.

Mustafa al Masri

His death has now been confirmed by al Qaeda.


Can an Osama assassination by drone save the Obama presidency? It looks like this is Obama’s ace in the hole. It might work. Even the far left would probably forgive him for it.

He has lost support from the left for keeping prisoners in Guantanamo and support from the middle for extending rights to live terrorists, rights never intended for combatants in war. A policy of take no prisoners would solve both of those problems. There would be no live terrorists to try and you cannot capture enemy combatants with a drone.

Bin Laden’s personal fortune is long depleted. His capability as an organizer of a force so decentralized as Al Qaeda is severely limited. His inspirational value would undoubtedly rise if America bestowed upon him the coveted qualification of a martyr. In addition to the passel of brown-eyed virgins, Jihadists could look forward to an early meeting with Bin Laden himself.

It would afford some satisfaction to see Osama killed but it would not make us any safer. Particularly not if it were to determine the results of the 2012 election.

Bob B

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