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Osama used a woman as a human shield.
Osama didn’t use a woman as a human shield.

Osama’s wife was shot and killed.
Osama’s wife was not shot and killed.

Bin Laden was killed in a firefight.
No guns were fired by those inside the compound.

The government says it will not disclose which military unit carried out the mission.
Biden says the Navy SEALS carried out the mission.

Panetta says the Osama photos will be released.
Obama says the Osama photos will not be released.

Bin Laden is dead.
I hope so.

Psst! (I heard Bin Laden is still alive but Elvis Presley is hunting him down somewhere in Konspiristan. What have you heard?)


We have assassinated a figure head and enshrined him forever as a martyr. By his death, we have created a Che Guevara for the Muslim world. This would not have been the case had he died of natural causes or at the hands of other Muslims.

Al Zawahiri was in operational control of Al Qaeda for years before Bin Laden’s death and remains in control after it. Some newspaper headlines have cried out “The 911 Mastermind Is Dead”, but it isn’t so. Whether he conceived the idea or not, and there is much evidence to say he did not, the genius was in the development and execution, not in the conception. The mastermind of 911 is alive and our president believes he should have a chance to obtain a verdict of innocence in a trial in a U.S. court. It was a religious leader that we assassinated.


Can an Osama assassination by drone save the Obama presidency? It looks like this is Obama’s ace in the hole. It might work. Even the far left would probably forgive him for it.

He has lost support from the left for keeping prisoners in Guantanamo and support from the middle for extending rights to live terrorists, rights never intended for combatants in war. A policy of take no prisoners would solve both of those problems. There would be no live terrorists to try and you cannot capture enemy combatants with a drone.

Bin Laden’s personal fortune is long depleted. His capability as an organizer of a force so decentralized as Al Qaeda is severely limited. His inspirational value would undoubtedly rise if America bestowed upon him the coveted qualification of a martyr. In addition to the passel of brown-eyed virgins, Jihadists could look forward to an early meeting with Bin Laden himself.

It would afford some satisfaction to see Osama killed but it would not make us any safer. Particularly not if it were to determine the results of the 2012 election.

Bob B

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