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“The Palestinians of Gaza descended from refugees of the 1948 war that created Israel.”  That’s a stretch. Now any high school student should know the Jews were given a homeland by by the U.N. in a Partition Plan, not by war.  Who is so uninformed (or biased ?) that they would print such nonsense. The New York Times, that’s who.

The war of 1948 was a war against the Jews declared by Egypt, Trans-Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq in an attempt to nullify the U.N. ruling and drive the Jews from the area. It is true that Israel did not declare their independence until the conclusion of the fighting, but the inference that Israel obtained its independence by going to war against its neighbors is simply false.

In the article, the Times points out,

“Today Hamas has no rival here. It runs the schools, hospitals, courts, security services and — through smuggler tunnels from Egypt — the economy.”


Young men [in Gaza] carried posters of a man with vampire teeth biting into a bloodied baby.

The vampire was not Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister. It was Salam Fayyad, prime minister of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank


[The Palestinian people] have not one government but two, the Fatah-dominated one in the West Bank city of Ramallah and the Hamas one here [in Gaza]. The antagonism between them offers a depth of rivalry and rage that shows no sign of abating.

Its latest victim is electricity for Gaza, part of which is supplied by Israel and paid for by the West Bank government, which is partly reimbursed by Hamas. But the West Bank says that Hamas is not paying enough so it has held off paying Israel, which has halted delivery.

“They [Fatah] are lining their pockets and they are part of the siege,” asserted Dr. Mahmoud Zahar, a Hamas leader and a surgeon, speaking of the West Bank government. “There will be no reconciliation.”

Nevertheless, the tone of the NYT article puts the onus of Gaza’s problems on Israel and headlines their piece Trapped by Gaza Blockade, Locked in Despair.

Bob B

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There were no humanitarian supplies aboard the Mavi Marmara.

Nine activists were killed after they had brutalized and captured three Israeli commandos.

The flotilla consisted of 7 ships. Only 4 carried any cargo.

The Defeny, a cargo ship, carried mostly hospital equipment, beds, wheelchairs, crutches and 4 tons of medicine.

The Defeny cargo was not in containers or properly stowed on pallets. The supplies were thrown in piles where some of it was crushed under its own weight. Many of the medicines were past their expiration dates.

The other 3 cargo ships carried construction equipment, construction materials and rubble from demolitions intended for re-use – old toilets, sinks and the like.

Videotaped interviews with the Captain and a ships officer can be seen at the Israeli Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center website.


Iran Revolutionary Guards Ready to Escort Gaza Ships – Reuters

In chemistry, a catalyst is an element that has a profound effect on its surroundings simply by its presence. The world has lost a catalyst and the rogue regimes know it. Since the founding of the nation, Israel has been able to rely on the staunch support of the United States. Any nation that would provoke war with Israel could expect the U.S to bring to bear whatever necessary to save Israel from extinction. Just our presence at Israel’s’ side, nothing more, had a profound effect on how far a nation like Iran would go in their quest to drive Jews out of the Mid-East.

However, Obama has signaled the withdrawal of full commitment to Israel. Iran is seizing the moment by planning a military confrontation at sea. The significance of the catalytic influence for peace that America has had on the world cannot be overestimated, yet it goes widely unrecognized. In fact, by his words and deeds one could presume that Obama believes quite the contrary and is striving to create a better world by diminishing America’s place within it.

Ayatollah Ali Khomeini made the announcement that Iran is prepared to send their elite Revolutionary Guards Naval Unit to confront the Israeli blockade. That it came from Khomeini, not Ahmadinejad, strengthens the threat by lessening the chances if it being a bluff. The potential for war is real.

When dissidents opposed the Iranian election claiming it was rigged, Obama stood with the Iranian government rather than with the more pro-Western dissidents, stressing the sovereign rights of what Obama called the “Islamic Republic of Iran”. If Obama repeats that stance and refers to the sovereign rights of the Republic of Iran, Islamic or not, to protect ships flying the Iranian flag, his stance may be taken by Khomeini as a sign it is safe to proceed. Please note that Khomeini has already announced the flotilla will sail under the flag of Iran, a change from the practice to date.

There are a couple of big “ifs” here, but should war break out Obama will have blood on his hands.

Bob B

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