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President Barack Hussein Obama

One of the first things Barack Obama did upon occupying the Oval Office was to remove the bust of Winston Churchill from the White House and send it back to the people of England.  It was a deliberate insult, equivalent in diplomatic circles to the secular act of attending a cocktail party and walking up to one of your best and oldest friends and saying straight to his face “I now despise you.”  It was an incivility unbecoming of any person, beneath the dignity of a world leader and confirmation that we had elected our first un-American president.

Common wisdom says Obama’s act of returning the sculpture was the product of an unsatisfied rage over Britain’s history of colonialism, particularly with respect to Kenya.  And that is probably correct.  But there is another reason why Obama might harbor a great bitterness toward Churchill.  Winston Churchill stood strong against Barack Obama’s chosen style of deep Socialist government.

Sir Winston said,

You may, by the arbitrary and sterile act of Government—for remember, Governments create nothing and have nothing to give but what they have first taken away—you may put money in the pocket of one set of Englishmen, but it will be money taken from the pockets of another set of Englishmen, and the greater part will be spilled on the way.

And another,

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

Winston Churchill is no longer with us and no man of his stature is alive to speak for us today.  The job is left to smaller voices, like this very small one, to convey messages of success in place of failure, common sense in the face of ignorance, messages of love and ambition to counter the gospel of envy and to tell the story of virtue inherent in a system that leads to the sharing not of misery, but of prosperity.


Yesterday I found myself discussing the usual things like Einstein’s theory of relativity and the price of cheese on the moon with a European friend of mine. He is a man of Liberal persuasion and I value his friendship which is why we spoke of science and cheese rather than topics political. Nevertheless, the subject of Winston Churchill came up and our discussion turned political nonetheless.

“I think it was an insult for the White House to return the bust of Churchill to Great Britain” I said. “No! Did they do that?” he replied. My friend wanted to know more so I recounted the many ways in which Obama has shown disdain for the people of Great Britain. Astonished to hear it, “But why? Why?” he cried. Before I could say anything he answered his own question, “KENYA! That’s it!”, he said.

My friend is fluent in 5 languages and has lived in many lands including a few years in Africa. He knows whereof he speaks. In his teens Obama travelled to Kenya in search of his roots. Kenya was colonized as Rhodesia by the British and deep seated hatred of Britain remains among Kenyans to this day.

Obama’ Kenyan Roots

Bob B

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