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First it was seven, and then it was eleven, now it is twelve U.S. Navy warships passing through the Suez Canal on their way to…? The destination remains undeclared but no one doubts that it is the Indian Ocean and the coast of Iran.

Let’s look at some dots to connect.
Ahmadinejad has promised to eliminate the nation of Israel and hasten the return of the twelfth Imam. He has recently announced the creation of a second reactor for enrichment of uranium more powerful than the first. Iran’s progression toward the goal of nuclear armament has continued unfettered. There is no reason to assume the first attack would be limited to one bomb.

More dots.
On April 15th the New York Times quoted a National Intelligence Agency report saying” Iran would probably be able to produce a nuclear weapon between 2010 and 2015”. It is now 2010 and a half. If nuclear attack is to come, waiting for the enemy to drop the first atomic bombs is not an option for tiny Israel. Netanyahu is a man of action and understands the very survival of the nation he leads is at stake. Riyadh has just cleared a path and granted permission for Israeli war planes to cross Saudi Arabia shortening the route to Iran. A Muslim nation is facilitating a Jewish nation in a potential act of war upon a Muslim nation.

Those are the dots. No matter how you choose to draw the lines, the picture tells us we are indeed, living in serious times.

Bob B

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