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In a White House poll taken of 57 golfers, one from each state, the President was given a 62% approval rating.  It was a big jump from the 49% he got in the prior month when the poll was taken right after he six putted one of several 3 par holes on the government course.

“Barry’s swing is much improved” said Joe, “I think it’s because he’s spending much more time on the links since he retired.  That’s why I voted Yes.”

“He hasn’t retired yet, Joe.  Barry is still holding on to his big government job.  Where have you been, Joe?”

“No one told me, Harry, but I guess I should have known.  He still shows up at the first tee with that noisy helicopter thing.  It just about blows the socks right out of my spiked sneakers.  Have you seen my stuff anywhere?”

A shout came from another player on the other side of the fairway.  “Barry is the best player we have ever had on our foursome.”  It was Karl Engles.  “Agreed!” yelled Frederick Marks, the fourth member of the group.  “He plays the game like Karl and I have always said it should be done.”

“Second that!” came a lady’s voice from the center of the green.  The speaker displayed a big broad smile as she turned and pulled a long handled gavel from her bag to use for the putt.  She plunked a short one in the cup.  It wasn’t difficult.  She had a good lie.  At last sight, the veep had found his balls but was still looking for his hat.