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Two man-made disasters have hit the Gulf of Mexico in the last year and a half.  One largely corrected itself through the miraculous forces of nature with some helpful assistance from government cleanup programs.  The second disaster continues to fester and is only getting worse.  Mother Nature is powerless to do anything about the second disaster and only fools expect Washington to fix that which Washington broke.

We are talking first about the oil spill caused by lax safety standards on the part of British Petroleum that led to an accidental oil spill, and then about the ill conceived drilling moratorium that followed it.  The second disaster was no accident.  It was wrong headed intentional action taken by Barack Obama against strong advice from the panel of engineers chosen by the President himself.

The engineers report was so clear and emphatic and contrary to the President’s agenda that the administration saw fit to falsify the report.  We reported the fraudulent act here and here at the time.

As of now, ten rigs have left the Gulf of Mexico and gone to locations in Egypt, the Congo, French Guiana, Liberia, Nigeria and Brazil.  Three more are expected to leave and eight new rigs that were slated for the Gulf have been re-directed elsewhere.  Thousands of jobs have been sacrificed, millions of barrels of domestically produced oil have been forfeited, our dependence on foreign oil has increased, and there is less tax to collect.  Correction: less revenue to be earned.  The Democrats have done away with taxes.