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In the midst of a corruption scandal, Sen. Charles Rangel easily wins re-nomination by Democratic voters. There are two reasons. I am not running for public office so I can be frank and truthful.

The first reason is that, among Democrats, ideology trumps integrity. Freedom from corruption is not only not required, it doesn’t even seem to be an asset. Ex Mayor of Boston, James M. Curley campaigned for re-election from a prison cell where he was serving time for stealing from the very people from whom he was seeking re-election. He won handily.

The second reason is that Rangel represents a heavily Black district and in that community race trumps everything.

Charming Charlie knew he had nothing to lose by thumbing his nose at the investigation. He is a Democrat.



What’s that old saying about stones and glass houses? I think it goes ‘if you swim in a cesspool don’t complain about someone else’s swamp’.

Politicians turn melancholy when one of them gets caught. You can hear them sigh, -but for the grace of God, it could have been me. The Speaker of the House, third in line for the Presidency, is beyond melancholy. She is calling the entire Republican party “is a criminal conspiracy”. Does she not know that Rangel is a Democrat?

When there is no defense, go on offense. That’s taught in Litigation 101. If your client is guilty, attack the witnesses. Perhaps the witness that saw your client pump 5 bullets into the victim once cheated on his wife. Who is going to believe a man like that?

Hillary took the same Litigation class. A vast right-wing conspiracy served as the straw man, correction – straw woman, in that case.

Bob B

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