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Crimson Hexagon is to the internet as Nielson is to television programming.  They both are leading firms that take measure of what is popular in their respective spheres.  Crimson measures sentiments as posted in public social networking sites like Twitter.  Their work is directed mostly for commercial purposes, but they also explore political issues.  The outfit monitored tweets on the subject of the Presidents big black bus tour through Tea Party land and found 72% of tweeters were critical of the tour with only 6% tweeting favorably about it.  It places Obama in the running for the Twit of the Year award.

Say what you will about Bill Clinton, but at least he had an easy charm and a sense of propriety.  He also was a man who was capable of being gracious.  Obama is none of that.  Can you picture President Clinton, 2 ½ years into his presidency, ordering a million dollar bus from Canada, having it painted intimidation black, and riding for three days through the midlands making stump speeches blaming mid-east unrest and a Japanese earthquake for the lack of jobs at home?