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Just one month ago I wrote there is The Potential for a Landslide.  Since then the following events have occurred.

Artur Davis dropped his support for Obama and took the additional step of leaving the National Democratic Party.  Davis was an early and ardent supporter of Obama and gave a resounding speech in his behalf at the 2008 National Democratic Convention.  His defection is a highly significant one.

Another prominent black Democrat, Massachusetts Gov Deval Patrick came out in support of the work Romney did at Bain Capital.  Gov. Davis publicly criticized Obama for attacking Romney over his record at Bain.

Move On.org revealed that donations are not coming in as expected.  The financial aid going to Democratic candidates will be far less than in prior elections.

The National Coalition of Black Churches announced on May 21st that they are withdrawing their support for Obama’s re-election.

On May 30th Power Line blog reported that donations for Republican candidates are pouring in in record numbers.  Campaign spending may even exceed for Democrats which would be the first time in modern election history that that occurred.

Rasmussen announced the results of a poll showing that, for the first time in first time in five-and-a-half years, 50% of all likely voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on the economy.  And the economy is the number one issue in this election.

On June 1st.Bill Clinton registered disagreement with Obama’s campaign to convince the voters Romney’s business record at Bain Capital is reprehensible.  Clinton called Romney’s performance there “sterling”.

New unemployment figures were released.  The number rose significantly, back up to 8.2% and the stock market plunged – down 274.88 on the news.

Still, the Rasmussen favorability index hasn’t changed much.  It shows the two contenders in a very close race with no discernable recent trend.  Why is that?  Rasmussen polls the general public.  The disenchantment is among political insiders.  The average citizen who answers the phone when the pollster calls is not as up to date and well informed.  It’s the donors and politicians who are paying attention to the details who are backing away.  They sense a loser.

Nonetheless, 5 months is a lifetime in politics, anything can happen.  And that includes a Republican landslide.


Crimson Hexagon is to the internet as Nielson is to television programming.  They both are leading firms that take measure of what is popular in their respective spheres.  Crimson measures sentiments as posted in public social networking sites like Twitter.  Their work is directed mostly for commercial purposes, but they also explore political issues.  The outfit monitored tweets on the subject of the Presidents big black bus tour through Tea Party land and found 72% of tweeters were critical of the tour with only 6% tweeting favorably about it.  It places Obama in the running for the Twit of the Year award.

Say what you will about Bill Clinton, but at least he had an easy charm and a sense of propriety.  He also was a man who was capable of being gracious.  Obama is none of that.  Can you picture President Clinton, 2 ½ years into his presidency, ordering a million dollar bus from Canada, having it painted intimidation black, and riding for three days through the midlands making stump speeches blaming mid-east unrest and a Japanese earthquake for the lack of jobs at home?


Two lawyers walk into a courtroom with their respective clients. The case is a bitterly contested civil lawsuit. The argument in court is vicious. It turns personal when the two advocates lambaste each others positions before the judge. Animosity runs high.

The trial ends. The verdict is rendered. A few days later the attorneys join each other for lunch. The atmosphere is friendly. Here they are friends. In the courtroom each played a role, each fulfilling his duty to his client. In the restaurant they are brothers in a profession.

There is an aspect of gamesmanship in the legal process that attorneys understand but their respective clients do not. And so it is in politics. Bush (the senior) and Clinton (the one named Bill) were fierce opponents in the court of politics and before the jury of voters. With the campaigns over and the terms in office concluded, they are but brothers in a profession.

Democracy is the courtroom. The press is the medium. We are the jury. Each side comes before us to plead their case. It can be vicious at times. But the players keep a healthy bit of detachment unseen by the public. For sanity’s sake, we all need to do the same, (once in a while).

Warning! Strong language.


Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Noam Chomsky and Bill Clinton

In case you have not heard, Hugo Chavez has rejected President Obama’s choice of Ambassador to Venezuela, entry VISA denied. The Venezuelan dictator has submitted a list of four names from which the President may choose a new Ambassador. They are Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Noam Chomsky and Bill Clinton.

My first thought when I saw the list was, what about Cindy? But then, Cindy Sheehan is a woman of course. And then, how did Bill Clinton who believes in America and loves it to the core get on this moron’s motley list of wealthy American born, America bashing Marxists ? – two idiots from Hollywood, one brilliant misguided college professor and one ex US President. And why select Clinton and not Carter? Has Hugo no loyalty? After all, it was Jimmy Carter who personally and officially certified Chavez’s election as valid and free from fraud. Hugo owes him one for that.

I say, send Penn, Stone and Chomsky, all three. At least it will get them out of the country.