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Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Noam Chomsky and Bill Clinton

In case you have not heard, Hugo Chavez has rejected President Obama’s choice of Ambassador to Venezuela, entry VISA denied. The Venezuelan dictator has submitted a list of four names from which the President may choose a new Ambassador. They are Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Noam Chomsky and Bill Clinton.

My first thought when I saw the list was, what about Cindy? But then, Cindy Sheehan is a woman of course. And then, how did Bill Clinton who believes in America and loves it to the core get on this moron’s motley list of wealthy American born, America bashing Marxists ? – two idiots from Hollywood, one brilliant misguided college professor and one ex US President. And why select Clinton and not Carter? Has Hugo no loyalty? After all, it was Jimmy Carter who personally and officially certified Chavez’s election as valid and free from fraud. Hugo owes him one for that.

I say, send Penn, Stone and Chomsky, all three. At least it will get them out of the country.


Compares Tea Party to Weimar Germany

I thought Chomsky was dead, must have been confusing him with Howard Zinn. Noam is alive, but still not well. For if he were of sane mind he would not be expressing fear that a Hitleresque leader might emerge to lead the Tea Party and bring upon illegal immigrants and blacks what Hitler brought upon the Jews.

The article is here. It ends with Chomsky’s warning, “I do not believe that this is far from happening”. Chomsky has never sworn allegiance to the truth but in this case I believe he is sincere. Once you close your mind to objective truth you forfeit all connection to reality. Chomsky has allowed himself no knowledge of the motivation or goals of the Tea Party. He does not fear what they stand for because he does not know what they stand for. He fears the unknown, and trembles.

Bob B

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