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What follows are verbatim quotes from Paul Krugman’s article today in the New York Times.

“Yes, there are big failings in Greece’s economy, its politics and no doubt its society.”
“Greece does indeed have a lot of corruption and a lot of tax evasion, and the Greek government has had a habit of living beyond its means.”
“Beyond that, Greek labor productivity is low by European standards — about 25 percent below the European Union average.”

From that Krugman concludes:

“But those failings aren’t what caused the crisis that is tearing Greece apart…”
“The Germans and the European Central Bank [must] realize that they’re the ones who need to change their behavior, spending more and, yes, accepting higher inflation…Greece will basically go down in history as the victim of other people’s hubris.”

In Krugman’s world, wherever that is, if a nation is ridden with corruption, allows extensive tax evasion and has a habit of living beyond its means for years, then when the money runs out it’s someone elses fault. With thinking like that the man could become president of the United States.

And then the economist turned journalist asks why the U.S. doesn’t have “the kind of severe regional crises now afflicting Europe?” His answer is “that we have a strong central government, and the activities of this government in effect provide automatic bailouts to states that get in trouble.”

So the reason America remains on a relatively sound footing is because we support failures automatically.


This is your opportunity. This time your vote will count, because it’s not just who wins that’s important, it’s also the margin by which they win or lose. The margin secures the message. It’s the strength of the message that will encourage and empower those you elect or diminish the power of those whom your vote failed to elect. It’s the margin in this election that will bring the timid from the closet and sway the undecided for the next election.

This can be your proud moment, more than just the fulfillment of an obligation.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” …Edmund Burke


It is easy to lose sight of the fact that conservatives are the majority in the land. We leave the shouting and screaming to those who think they can bring perfection to an imperfect world. Conservatives busy themselves with tilling the fields, striving to achieve their goals, and yes, painting that picket fence so often derided by the left. We find time to teach our children right from wrong and to help a neighbor in need. There is just no time left to complain about what government has not done for us.

But every once in a while, into the life of a man, a society or nation, there comes a mortal threat. Normal pursuits are put aside. We rise to meet the threat and we are the silent majority no more. Our voices are heard; heads are turned, the left is surprised. They forgot we were there. The left is confused for they understand us not. First they smirk, then they fear, then they fight with smear once that they see that we are here.

The left fears our guns but we bring not guns to the fight. Our weapon is our vote. We are the majority but that is to no avail if we do not bring our weapon to the scene of the battle. Vote. What else can you do? You can give up a day in November and volunteer to drive voters to the polls. That’s just one idea.