If you are planning a canoe trip up North this year, perhaps to the Bering Sea, you no longer need to fear the consequences of an inadvertent paddle across the line in the water that marks the Russian border. We are on the same side now. But the campsite you used last year may no longer be reachable by water.

According to this report, ice coverage is increasing in the Arctic. That raises concern for the polar bears who now have to waddle farther to get to the water where the seals are. Where is PETA when you need them?

Al Gore preached another warming sermon on April 8th but we don’t know if he addressed the polar bear issue because he disallowed press coverage except for the first 5 minutes. And he wouldn’t take questions from the floor, only by previously submitted cards so the inconvenient ones could be screened out.

Global temperatures have not risen past their peak established in 1998, twelve years ago. The solution to that problem was to change the mantra from “global warming” to “climate change”. Now we need to give more control to the government so they can combat climate change. Autumn colors are an extravagance the planet can no longer afford.

Poor Al, central to his case was the frightening hockey stick graph with the handle representing the world up until now, and the upward pointing end that whacks the puck representing the suffering we would endure when it hit us. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the concoction of some fraudulent scientists. Record cold temperatures were recorded across the nation last winter and it snowed in Bagdad.

So you can’t blame the former Vice President for being nervous. With warming cooling he is feeling the heat. His very raison d’etre is slipping away. His income is in jeopardy. He lost his job with the government. His old Buddy Bill of Clinton fame has accused him of citing the advent of Spring as proof of global warming. That must have hurt. But he won’t go homeless. I am sure some Senator will be glad to build an igloo for him.


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Bob B

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