A mosque in your face!

That is the theme of Cordoba House, the mosque the muslim community is organizing to build in what was once the shadow of the World Trade Center towers. Manhattan Community Board One endorsed the plan by a 29 to 1 vote.

My instant reactive thought was “how soon they forget”. But there was no forgetting. Relatives were there to remind board members of the horror and remind them they did. Had I been at that meeting I would have worn the pass I still have to admit me to the South Tower and I would have told of a young Oriental woman trapped on an upper floor. She called her mother and spoke of the unbearable heat. Her mother suggested she remove her top; it was no time for modesty. The daughter replied, “I tried, but I cannot. It is stuck to my skin.” That young woman was one among others who were baked to death that day.

The 29 board members in support of the mosque are not insensitive. They are headless and heartless. The very name proposed for the mosque confirms the objective in choosing the location and infers concurrence with the mission undertaken by Mohammed Atta. Cordoba was the Capital of Al-Andalus, the Islamic Caliphate that ruled much of Spain during the Middle Ages. One of Al-Qaida’s main goals proclaimed after the 9/11 attack was the restoration of the Cordoba Caliphate in Al-Andalus.

The muslim faith divides the world into two parts, dar al Islam and dar al harb. the house of faith and the house of war. The house of war fights on two fronts, violent Jihad and non violent diaspora. The mission of diaspora is to occupy, populate and wait but do not assimilate. The mission of 911 was Jihad. The mission of Cordoba House is fulfillment the commandments of diaspora.

Dar al harb welcome in the heart of liberalland

The Manhattan Community Board One has no authority to approve or deny construction. They exist to express the feelings of their community. Perhaps they should disband. It seems their community has no feelings.

Bob B

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