Yesterday I found myself discussing the usual things like Einstein’s theory of relativity and the price of cheese on the moon with a European friend of mine. He is a man of Liberal persuasion and I value his friendship which is why we spoke of science and cheese rather than topics political. Nevertheless, the subject of Winston Churchill came up and our discussion turned political nonetheless.

“I think it was an insult for the White House to return the bust of Churchill to Great Britain” I said. “No! Did they do that?” he replied. My friend wanted to know more so I recounted the many ways in which Obama has shown disdain for the people of Great Britain. Astonished to hear it, “But why? Why?” he cried. Before I could say anything he answered his own question, “KENYA! That’s it!”, he said.

My friend is fluent in 5 languages and has lived in many lands including a few years in Africa. He knows whereof he speaks. In his teens Obama travelled to Kenya in search of his roots. Kenya was colonized as Rhodesia by the British and deep seated hatred of Britain remains among Kenyans to this day.

Obama’ Kenyan Roots

Bob B

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