Mumia Abu-Jamal happened upon the scene where a young police officer had stopped his brother for a traffic violation. Mumia pulled a gun from his shoulder holster and killed the lone police officer in cold blood. It was 1981. He was convicted of murder and sits in a jail cell today.

Mumia is the kind of Black man Joe Biden would describe as articulate, but not refined. Born Wesley Cook his Kenyan school teacher gave him the African name Mumia and the name stuck. Before the killing he was a community organizer known only locally. The murder thrust him onto the national scene and getting him out of jail became a cause célèbre of the Left. The Pacifica Radio network took up the cause. Many “Free Mumia” demonstrations were organized by the Left.

Philadelphia residents knew the story well because that is where the crime occurred. At one of these demonstrations a local resident asked one of the demonstrators why she thought Mumia should be let out of jail. She replied she had come all the way from Ohio with some friends who told her it would be a cool demonstration and that’s all she knew.

Some people go to church to practice their religion. Others go just to be part of a community. Some demonstrators demonstrate for a cause, others demonstrate just to be part of a community. There is a third group forming, those who demonstrate for pay. We saw it on the front lawn of a bank executive. See THUGS ON THE LAWN.

Now, a bus load of paid demonstrators was organized to appear at a conservative convention in Illinois. Andrew Breitbart was there and he confronted the group. By now the video has been around, but if you haven’t seen it, please do. It begins with a lot of undecipherable shouting but don’t give up. It gets very amusing when the organizers finally surrender and begin to herd their flock back toward the bus.

Andrew was persistent and he won the day.


  1. Powerful post, Bob!

    Thanks for bringing the truth to the surface in spite of the blockade by the mainstream media.,

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