Harold Koh put it well when he said global warming is a tool “to level the playing field”. The global warming issue is not only a tool of local government, it is also a tool of international socialism, one world government. The leveling Koh referred to was leveling between nations, a bringing down of the strong and bringing up the weak. Equality of status is the goal.

The failure of the Copenhagen conference to get a treaty signed was a crushing blow to the Left. The treaty as written would have established a transnational government agency with control over all signatory nations in matters deemed to affect the environment. It also would have legitimized the concept of pre-established “climate debt”, the idea that successfully functioning nations owe a debt to the lesser prosperous nations on the grounds that the former have emitted more carbon dioxide. Two major goals would have been reached in one treaty, as both power and wealth would have been “spread around” between nations.

Transnationalism is the term for the advocacy of a one world power. The United Nations is a transnational agency. Transnationalism is by its nature a darling of the Left as it melds the strong with the weak, the accomplished with the dysfunctional and the noble with the rogue. Proponents of socialism think big. They are not constrained by reality. Given a one world government the bliss of socialism could be brought to the whole world in one fell swoop.

Man-made global warming, or “climate change” as it is now called, is the tool du jour. Unfortunately, there is no scientific analysis that rises to the level of proof as to the cause of the current warming cycle. Certainly there is no proof the warming that has occurred is man-made. But proof doesn’t matter. What matters is does the tool work. And it does.


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