Christine Amanpour and Diane Sawyer whitewashed Islam in Saturday night and Sunday morning programs. Pamela Geller covers it at Atlas Shrugs.

Given the exposure of various frauds and misrepresentations at CBS (Rather) and NBC (exploding trucks) not to mention the string of dishonesties by Mike Wallace (Google for them) it became apparent that network news “documentaries” are worse than useless; they are dangerous. These programs were, and still are, designed to create an air of integrity, the feeling that they are protecting us by enlightening us about who is defrauding and lying to us. They gain our confidence, then they lie to us.

Those with open minds, as all Conservatives have (wink), give the devil his due and say there must be some truth in what the other side has to say. The problem is, when watching these programs, how do you know which is truth and which is not, what to accept and what to not?

The shrewdest lie is not a lie at all; it is the technique of creating an impression that does not reflect the truth. It is the art of creating a lie by telling a carefully selected string of truths.

Immediately following Diane Sawyer’s 20/20 whitewash of Islam there was a program that focused on securities related crimes featuring a case from 2005 where an employee of a printing house informed another individual of the headlines that would appear in the next issue of Business Week magazine. The individual happened to work at Goldman Sachs, however, Goldman Sachs was not otherwise involved. the trades he initiated were strictly for his personal benefit and were executed through another broker. How might you title such a program?

Perhaps “Illegal Options Trader Exposed” or “The SEC Catches a Criminal”? Or here’s an idea, how about “Greedy Goldman Sachs Defines American Capitalism”? Sounds like a winner  just in need of some minor editing. The program was actually called “American Greed” and the promotional teaser invited viewers to stay tuned for an exposure of insider trading and greed at Goldman Sachs. Denunciation of capitalism was left inferred.

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