They say we are angry. Be slow to anger. Control your anger. However, total suppression of anger is a sign of cowardice, a tolerance of anything, a withdrawal from principle. Yes, we are angry.

They say we hate. But they understand neither why nor what we hate. They can see no fault in their ideology: so what is left to hate? People. They think we hate people. The black caucus members fully expected spits and slurs when they purposefully walked through the angry crowd protesting the health care bill. But spits and slurs never occurred. We don’t hate the black caucus members. What we hate is government control of our health care.

The Peace Prize is named after Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, a substance used to build and to destroy. Anger and hate are like dynamite, powerful forces that can be used for good or for evil. Let us be diligent and keep our anger and hate focused on the issues where it is a force for good, not on the people who promote them where it can become a force for evil.


One response to “ANGER AND HATE

  1. I have to question embracing such negative emotions as anger and hate. I like your tag line a lot more love and concern are much healthier feelings to cultivate. Anger is a secondary emotion. It masks other less manly feelings like disappointment and fear. It does have its uses. Its a signal that something is wrong. It is not a good problem solver. People do their worst actions out of anger and hate. If you really want a resolution to your anger you may want to ask yourself what are you afraid of?

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