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They say we are angry. Be slow to anger. Control your anger. However, total suppression of anger is a sign of cowardice, a tolerance of anything, a withdrawal from principle. Yes, we are angry.

They say we hate. But they understand neither why nor what we hate. They can see no fault in their ideology: so what is left to hate? People. They think we hate people. The black caucus members fully expected spits and slurs when they purposefully walked through the angry crowd protesting the health care bill. But spits and slurs never occurred. We don’t hate the black caucus members. What we hate is government control of our health care.

The Peace Prize is named after Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, a substance used to build and to destroy. Anger and hate are like dynamite, powerful forces that can be used for good or for evil. Let us be diligent and keep our anger and hate focused on the issues where it is a force for good, not on the people who promote them where it can become a force for evil.



It gets worse. There was speculation from the beginning that this was deliberate action on the part of Black Democrats to discredit the Tea Party as racist. I did not accept that premise because I saw no evidence to support it. But now there is ample evidence.

As Mark Steyn reports, the normal passage between the Congressional office building and the Capital is via a direct tunnel. It is the passage routinely followed by members both for convenience and to avoid incidents with protesters. The Black Caucus leaders march through the Tea Party crowd was deliberate. Surely someone would step over the line, the Black leaders would have their racial incident, and the press would feature it on the evening news advocacy report.

Members of the press were aware of the march and present in their usual numbers. So were many individuals with camera phones. Rep. Andre Carson claimed to have heard the word “nigger” fifteen times. Andrew Breitbart decided to put Carson and the others to the test and offered $10,000 to anyone who could provide evidence of the alleged slurs. He subsequently raised it to $100,000. No evidence has emerged. There were no slurs. There were no spits. There were just lies.

It would be easy to say the provocation failed because it has been exposed. Unfortunately, the truth came a little late. A lie goes around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. It did not help that Fox News originally reported the allegations as presumed fact. For some the early report by Fox was enough to shut their eyes and ears to further input. Case closed.

Playing the race card in a criminal trial to win an acquittal is despicable enough, but it is nothing compared to nationwide incitement of racial animosity as a planned tactic by one party to solidify its power. Welcome to community organizing, Alinsky style.

It is deeply saddening to see prominent members of the Black community undermining the very work for which Martin Luther King gave his life. For surely if this continues historians will some day look back and measure King’s success as enduring from the time of his death until the election of Barack H. Obama.

Please read the links, particularly Breitbart which includes several videos.

Bob B

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