The prohibition of incadescence

Get ready for a smile. Here comes a joke.

The federal government.

What, you didn’t get it? You must be a bureaucrat (or perhaps you are just a Democrat). So let me explain how the government is a joke. Better yet, I’ll let Ted Poe explain it. He sits in the House of Representatives in Washing ton on behalf of the Humble people of Texas. According to the US Census, 14,579 people live in little Humble, which with Beaumont  comprises Poe’s district, District 2.

Poe has a way with words. My smile turned to outright laughter  when he simply read phrases from the bulb law that goes into effect in 2014. He even made Tancredo laugh. You gotta love this guy.

So three years from now bulbous bulbs will be out. Those screwy bulbs will be in. Ain’t guvmint just grand.

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