Occupy Chicago is looking like Occupy Lite.  A majority of the Chicago protesters appear to be people who have done an honest days work.  No serious mob behavior here.  Chicago being Chicago, whooda thunk?  Nurses are in the fore and the signs actually relate to their complaints.  The movement’s various factions certainly are diverse.

Then there is Occupy Oakland where it has already gone violent.  The video needs no words.

The Occupations know no limit.  Occupies and occupiers are everywhere.  How about this one?  Occupy Everything.  The “About” message put forth by this group on their website explains why it would be a better world if they could only occupy everything.:

Occupy Everything is an anti-capitalist initiative—established in 2009—dedicated to militant research, critical pedagogy and public practices that include mediatic intervention, feminism and the anti-enclosure movement. OE is collectively-operated and dedicated to building an open access culture of resistance. Please send your contributions to…

I could support the mediatic intervention in their agenda but I am diametrically opposed to the pedagogy and pubic practices  espoused by this particular occupation faction.  And I’m more or less unanimous about that.  

So there you have it.  From the sublime to the ridiculous, you can choose your group.  You can march to overthrow the government and end the free market system or march just to plead for a job.  You can even donate to a scam artist.  Be careful.  It can be dangerous out there.

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