At least it wasn’t just lunch.  Yesterday, 20 people tossed in $38,500 apiece to have dinner with Barack.  And to think, I am happy if you just pick up the tab.

How do you suppose they came up with a number like 38 ½ thousand?  Did they start at 50, were offered 25, then agreed to split the difference?  Perhaps the 500 bucks was for the waitress.  But that’s not even 10%.

I said waitress.  Did I err?  Can you say that any more, or is it too gender specific?  How long has it been since you heard some one say “I’ll be your waitress this evening”?  There are no more waiters or waitresses; there are only server persons.  I don’t know what these people think they are hiding.  I can still tell if my server person is a waiter or a waitress, most of them anyhow.

Excuse me; I must sign off now.  My server person just called my number; my burger and fries are up.  I just need to get some ketchup and fill my soda cup.

AP reported the number as 35,800; Drudge puts it at 38,500.  I am going with the Drudge figure.  I can’t see Democrats leaving an 800 dollar tip.

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