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The only part of the federal government the President does not want to expand is ?… the military of course.  At the moment the United States is not under attack, but there goes our life insurance.

Some of us are informed enough to know the role the United States played in Europe in World Wars I and II.  Some may even know about the gift the nation of France gave us as the great bastion of freedom.  It’s called the Statue of Liberty.  How many today know the story of the Berlin Airlift or care about the speed with which the U.S. military reaches the world’s biggest natural disaster sites with aid?  Who gives us credit for the Marshall Plan by which we helped restore the lands of those who waged war on us?

Millions of North Koreans live in misery and without the freedom to move around at will, even within their own country.  Meanwhile, South Korea remains free and prosperous thanks to the American armed forces.  It’s a safe bet that the Soviet Union would have taken freedom away from even more people had it not been for the presence of America’s defenders of freedom. No one knows what wars did not start because of our strength and humanitarian resolve. This is just a sampling of many cases where the power and might of the U.S. has been a force for good.  Our president sees none of them.  He sees only our mistakes.

Our president does not believe in America the Good, BBHO.  In the words of Pamela Geller, Barack Hussein Obama is the First Post-American President.


At least it wasn’t just lunch.  Yesterday, 20 people tossed in $38,500 apiece to have dinner with Barack.  And to think, I am happy if you just pick up the tab.

How do you suppose they came up with a number like 38 ½ thousand?  Did they start at 50, were offered 25, then agreed to split the difference?  Perhaps the 500 bucks was for the waitress.  But that’s not even 10%.

I said waitress.  Did I err?  Can you say that any more, or is it too gender specific?  How long has it been since you heard some one say “I’ll be your waitress this evening”?  There are no more waiters or waitresses; there are only server persons.  I don’t know what these people think they are hiding.  I can still tell if my server person is a waiter or a waitress, most of them anyhow.

Excuse me; I must sign off now.  My server person just called my number; my burger and fries are up.  I just need to get some ketchup and fill my soda cup.

AP reported the number as 35,800; Drudge puts it at 38,500.  I am going with the Drudge figure.  I can’t see Democrats leaving an 800 dollar tip.