Run for your lives, men; it’s Feb 29th

There once was a time, long long ago, when ladies did not make advances to men.  This was a handicap that fell hardest on the less attractive members of the distaff gender.  It was back about 1937 when Hekzebiah Hawkins decided to do something about it.  His daughter was the ugliest gal in all of Dogpatch and he feared she would be besot with spinsterhood.

Now, Hekzebiah was recognized by some folks as the Mayor of Dogpatch.  Be that truth or otherwise, old Hek was for sure influential in the valley so he decreed a day be set aside for a foot race where the gals could chase the guy of her choice, and if caught, the poor lad was obliged to accept a life of blissful matrimony with the successful runner.  It would be Sadie Hawkins day.

But, alas, the day Hekzebiah chose for this annual event was the last day of February in 1936.  It happened to be leap year, leaving the gals only one day every four years for their pursuits.  Most of the folks in the valley agreed with Prudence Pimpleton who said “it was Lil Abner’s lobbyist what got that day picked, no doubt about it”.

One response to “IT’S SADIE HAWKINS DAY!

  1. Thanks, Bob, for reminding us of Al Capp’s gift to the world in his satirical L’il Abner comic strip. Cap was a great conservative who was read by all – including those on the Left.

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