Keep a bushy upper lip and you may qualify for a $250 annual tax deduction for expenses incurred in the nurturing and caring for your hirsute growth, provided that is, if a recently introduced Bill passes into law.  The Bill was submitted to the House Ways and Means Committee for judicial review, the normal process for proposed changes in tax law.  Unbelievable?  It’s a fact.  Here is the story as reported by David Halper for the Weekly Standard.

The first thought any good capitalist would have would be to look for a manufacturer of mustache mugs and buy some of their stock.  But don’t expect the industry to be subsidized.  Mustaches are never green and the bill was introduced by a Republican, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett of Maryland.  There are risks however; the feminist movement is sure to bring action.  Married women filing jointly will still benefit of course, but others would need to take hormone shots in order to qualify.  There is little question but that the Supreme Court would find The Stache Act to be discriminatory, somewhat like abortion laws that only apply to women.

Someone in Washington or perhaps Maryland must have been having some fun at the expense of the Honorable Roscoe.  I hope the newspapers in Europe don’t catch this one.  It could cause them to think our lawmakers are foolish.


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