In case you missed it ….

The Republican Party is preparing a collection of juxtaposed videos for TV commercials to be shown during the national campaign.  Thanks to Al Gore for giving the internet to the people, the Blogosphere is already suspending the Democrat contender from his own petard.


  1. I am tired of the flip-flop comments. There hasn’t been a flip-flop in his creaer. Flip-flop suggest that you take one side only to take another and then back to the other side with changing political motives. If anything you could get away saying Romney has flipped. As with most Americans Romney has become more conservative with age and experience. Once he was pro life he remained so. How is that a flip-flop as suggested in some of these comments? A gradual trend towards more and more conservative thought is not a flip-flop.

  2. Yup. And I think there are more like it to come,

  3. wow thats a powerful video

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