Hustle in 5 or more donors to Obama’s election campaign and your name goes into a hat. The lucky winner gets his mom tweeted by the President of the United States. LOL!

It’s no joke. Here is a link to the official Obama-Biden Blog where Rufus Gifford, Obama’s National Finance Director made the announcement yesterday. Just because it’s a real doesn’t mean it isn’t funny. After all, Biden’s name is on the website. If Biden didn’t originate the idea it must have come from Avon where the Lady who brings in the most new accounts for the month gets a pink handbag. The idea is not without risk, however. What if someone calls our leader a Mother-Tweeter and it sticks?

Well anyway, if you want your mother shouted at or tweeted personally by the big BHO himself this will probably be your last chance. Enroll your dog, your cat or uncle John if you need to in order to get the five. I know, uncle John was a Republican but once they have passed away they can be voted either way. I learned that from a friend in 2008. A lot of Republicans turn Democrat when they die, he said.

Of course you may not win the drawing; then what? You will have to tweet your mother yourself or buy her flowers. I suggest you forget the tweeting thing and just go for flowers and the best Mother’s Day card you can find. A kiss would be a nice touch too.

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