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Doors and Rules, Doors and Rules. Impressions of an American in Germany.


Homes in Germany have more doors than windows.  The only thing there is more of than doors is rules.  To go from the kitchen to the dining room in my hosts home there are two doors that must be opened and closed on the way.  And there are three thick doors to negotiate to get from the bedroom to the bathroom.  Excuse me, I should say to the toilette.  In most cases I make it through all of them in time.  There must be another rule against door knobs; there isn’t a knob to be seen anywhere.  They all have large sturdy handles so you can open them with your elbow when your hands are full.

There is no toilet in the bathroom.  If you need a toilet, that’s a different door.  Once inside, you may see a little graphic sign there that tells a man that “Stehen ist verboten!”  A man’s aim is not trusted in some homes in this country; he must sit the way the ladies do.  And if serious business has been completed the product will neither sink nor float in the bowl.  It sits high and dry on a little shelf until you push the button to whisk it away.  But don’t look for a handle to flush.  All the handles are on the doors.  Look for two buttons that may be that may be somewhere on the wall.  Intuition will tell you whether pushing the small button or the large one is the most appropriate.

If your bedroom is on the second floor it probably has a door to the outside and nice little balcony.  If you want a little air in the room just lean the whole door into the room.  It can be tipped in as though the hinges were along the bottom instead of on the side.  It doesn’t take long to figure out how to manipulate the handle to accomplish that.  Most any Americans learn to do it in less than ten minutes.  Then it’s a fun thing to do.

Now about those rules, our hosts went out to buy a variety of breads and pretzels to go with the liverwurst and baloney slices for breakfast.  They came back empty handed.  The shopkeepers who sell bread are not allowed to be open on Sunday, but gas stations are, and some of them sell bread.  However it turned out there is yet a new rule that gas stations are only allowed to sell bread on Sunday to people who are from out of town and can confirm that by driving in with a car that has an out of town license plate.  The German people are proud of their rules but still complain when a new one like this comes along.  Angela Merkel got the blame for our stale bread and shortage of enough breakfast pretzels to go around.  She is out of favor in this household.

After nearly two weeks on this trip to Germany it is time to go back home to the land of a few flimsy bedroom doors and wide open lawlessness, especially on Sundays; home to America where a liter of beer costs more than a cup of coffee, if you can imagine that.  I will miss the pristine beauty of Bavaria where there are no paper cups littering the roads because there are no paper cups.  There is more I will be sorry to leave behind, but a helping of fried eggs and bacon or even a donut beats still beats liverwurst and pretzels for breakfast anytime.


You can’t cure an alcoholic.  It is something an alcoholic has to do himself.  First he must recognize the problem; then he must be willing to endure the cure.  Europe isn’t there yet on either count.

France has just chosen to go full bore Socialist, riots continue in Greece as the Neo-Nazis gain political favor and German voters are prepped to depose Angela Merkel.  The nanny states with their unsustainable level of benefits are running out of money and the children are shouting like bloody murder for the continuation of their luxury.  Reality is unacceptable so they are voting for promises.  Apparently the pain has to get worse before Europe will be willing to suffer through the cure.

Some argue that the way out is to spend more to rev up the engine of government income which, of course, is greater tax revenue.  The argument to spend more is based on the assumption that the problem is an economic recession.  That’s understandable but this time it’s a false premise.  The problem is not just another recession.  The European private sector is not robust but it’s healthy.  It’s only sovereign nations that are bankrupt.  The wealth of a nation is derived from two sources, private assets and income that can be taxed and to a much lesser extent its mineral rights.  Taken together the wealth is large but government’s capacity to spend is even larger.  When nations face insolvency during a more or less normal economic sector down cycle, the problem is overspending, not the economy.


The headlines below are un-edited from the Drudge Report on Feb. 15,2012.  I regrouped them into rough categories and dropped some punctuation, those are the only changes made.  Arranged this way the headlines paint a picture of a U.S policy to weaken itself militarily in face of rising external threats, the possibility of Iran’s promulgating a second holocaust , turning a blind eye to China’s human rights record while they conduct a vast military buildup, unabated political corruption, the direction the Arab Spring is taking, the failure of Obama’s economic policies and a growing loss of personal freedoms.

Ahmadinejad to show off new nuke facilities
Obama weighing up to 80% cut in U.S. nukes
LESS warheads than China!

Iran Says It Will Cut Oil Supplies to 6 European Nations
US, Europe look at crippling financial lifeline.

Decision On Iran Attack To Be Made ‘By Summer’
Heightened Security in U.S. Over Iran Threat;
Police Guard Jewish, Israeli Targets.

China blocks visit by religious envoy

Canada unveils new Internet monitoring rules
Moroccan gets 3 years for anti-king video
Man jailed for ‘not having dog license’
NYPD ‘Stop and Frisks’ Hit All-Time High

Mexican official: US travel warning ‘ridiculous’

REPORT: Chicago most corrupt city in USA
Issa moves to hold Holder in contempt
Another solar company goes under

BUDGET BUST: Obama’s deficit spending $17k per person, $70k per family
Towns go dark with post office closings
Flights by U.S. airlines hit 10-year low.

New Libya delegate to UN: Gays threaten ‘human race’
Egypt state media accuses US of spreading anarchy

Newspaper depicts Merkel in Nazi uniform


This photo-shopped picture of German Chancellor Angela Merkel was printed in a Greek newspaper.  The offensive image was captioned “Memorandum macht frei” a slogan relating to the Auschwitz extermination camp of World War II.

These are only the headlines, from only one publication, on only one day and it’s not even lunch time. We are indeed living in perilous times. Obama voters, are you sure you want Barack Obama in charge for four more years?