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In the future this feature will be titled LAST WEEK. The old title was a bit too restrictive.

Week ending May 7, 2010
Obama reveals the size of our nuclear stockpile to our enemies.
Obama, as our President, sits in for us in the world wide poker game played between sovereign nations. It is a game of life and death. Our leader chooses to show his hand for all the world to see. We need a new leader.

Bloomberg to Couric – Times Square bomber may have been Obamacare protester
We all know better now. Hizzoner should have known better then.

Schwarzenegger ends his support for offshore oil drilling
I told you. He isn’t a Republican.

Osama bin Laden is in Washington, D.C.
Ahmadinejad said so, and he ought to know. He was kidding, of course. (???)

Bob Woodward is doing Barack Obama
This one is guaranteed to be a best seller. Scheduled for September release.

Yahoo News reports “Congress makes too many vague laws.”
If Yahoo thinks that’s news, it explains why their name is Yahoo.

Al Sharpton speaks for Karl Marx
“No Social Justice Until Everything ‘Equal in Everybody’s House’.”
I presume anyone owning two cars is going to have to give one of them to someone who has no car. It’s the only path to justice, especially of the other person won’t work and save to earn one.

Unemployment comes in at 9.9% or 17.1% depending on how you look at it
If Obama wants to replicate Franklin Roosevelt he has to get higher numbers than that. FDR got the official number up to 23.2% after being in office for two years. To be fair, he had a head start. They were 18% when he took office. But he did hold them up very well. Unemployment was still 17.4% at the end of his sixth year.

Bob B

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A for Apologize
In his early travels from Berlin to Egypt and beyond, Obama never missed an opportunity to apologize for America. It became predictable. When repetition rises to predictability it qualifies as policy. It has been the policy of our current President to apologize around the world for America.

A for Appease
It started with a pledge to take part unconditionally in dialog with our enemies. It continued with the abandonment of missile defense installations in Eastern Europe, a pure gift to Russia with nothing asked in return. Overtures were made to Ahmadinejad but not accepted. Nonetheless, Obama gave tacit support to Ahmadinejad in their elections by stressing the sovereignty of the Islamic Nation of Iran under its current leadership and expressing no indication of support for the more moderate and relatively Pro-Western opposition party.

When the good people of Honduras, through their legal process, deposed a Marxist president and Chavez acolyte, Obama curried favor with Chavez by siding with the Marxist. The list would not be complete without mentioning the move toward recognizing the terrorist organization Hamas as the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

The diverse reactions from abroad make for political theatre. Putin smiles in appreciation, Ahmadinejad says go [expletive deleted], Chavez respects Obama as a hero.

A for Alienate
England and Israel are the most obvious and most important instances of alienating our closest friends. A consortium of British MP’s (Ministers of Parliament) has called for an official declaration to “end the special relationship between Britain and the U.S.” If that is not serious alienation nothing qualifies, nothing. Obama offered to meet with Ahmadinejad unconditionally but refused to dine with the Prime Minister of Israel on a recent visit or appear in a customary “handshake” photo.

When campaigning, Obama promised to break a trade agreement with Canada and to make Mexico shape up so Mexicans would no longer want to cross the border. These were taken as false campaign promises from the get-go so all we lost here was a little respect.

Common thread
There is a common thread woven into these policies. It is the view that America is not, and never has been a noble nation. Originating with British settlements on Indian land, a period of slavery, dominance over Hawaiian natives, territorial war with Mexico and culminating with an economic system that fails to result in equal financial status for all; the United States is viewed more as an oppressor than a force for good in the world. But there is hope, hope we can change, change America from what it has been to what it should be.

I would love to have been a fly on the wall in the Obama bedroom on the night our First Lady told the world she had never in her life been proud of America, (until her husband won the nomination). We can only speculate, but by his actions it would appear Barrack is of like mind.

Bob B

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