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LIFE ON MARS DECLARED UNLIKELY TO BE SUSTAINABLE. Now where y’gonna go if your side loses the election?

A new study published in the journal Nature Geoscience says the problem on Mars is the water.  The planetary scientists talk about problems like too much clay or magma or something in the water.  It sounds like pollution to me.  It must be due to some congressional bill President Bush refused to sign.

Mars is called the Red Planet because of its hue.  I don’t know how it happened but Republicans are called the Red party.  So perhaps it could be a rosy home in the heavens for Republicans.  But the planetary experts also say Mars is as hot as hell.  That would seem to make it a better home for Democrats.

No matter.  The rush for tickets will be so great you won’t be able to get a seat anyhow.  However, if you do, beware, it’s a long flight.  At least it’s direct.

If you do go, here is what Mars music is like.


Scientists say where there is scum there is life.
NASA has announced there is compelling evidence there was once political life on the planet Mars. All that remains are some pond scum. NASA also found gypsum which sounds to me like something the politicians must have done.
Life on earth
Obama has promised;
In the future “banks and financial concerns will pay for their own mistakes, taxpayers will not have to pay.” He did not say who will pay for government mistakes.
Life far, far away
Noted scientist Stephen Hawking promotes discrimination. He calls for us not to seek their friendship or even try to speak to aliens from outer space. This is no way to treat a minority group, and a super minority at that! However, I must admit, I would not want my daughter to marry one.

Bob B

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