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If I understand correctly, Mr. Brooks has completed 3 years of college at a cost to taxpayers of 70 thousand dollars.


In case you missed it ….

The Republican Party is preparing a collection of juxtaposed videos for TV commercials to be shown during the national campaign.  Thanks to Al Gore for giving the internet to the people, the Blogosphere is already suspending the Democrat contender from his own petard.


Canada has the worlds third largest petroleum reserves.  There is no cheaper way to import crude oil into the United States than by pipeline to Canada.  There is no nation with whom we are on better terms than we are with Canada.  If we maximized governmental support for exploration, production and transportation of U.S., Canadian and South American reserves, after a few years we would not need to buy one barrel of crude oil from mid-east suppliers.  In fact they would become reliant upon us for their energy needs because we have the refineries.

One Canadian broadcaster minces no words as he tells the audience his views from across the border. You can hear his strong words here.



There comes a point when the bigger and bolder the lie the harder it is to disbelieve.  There was a movie made with a scene that illustrates the point very well.  It may have been How to Cheat On your Wife with Bobby Morse, I’m not sure.  The scene starts with a man and woman enjoying each other’s company naked in bed.  The man’s wife comes home unexpectedly with grocery bags in hand and catches the pair before they can get out of bed.

The wife launches into a series of furious tirades.  Without returning a glance or uttering a word the cheating pair fly out of the sack, dress, and make up the bed.  All the time this is happening, the wife is right there screaming bloody murder at the two of them.  Shortly the bed is made, the woman is gone and the husband is relaxing in his usual chair reading the evening paper as his wife continues her angry rant.  He lowers the paper and asks “What’s the matter dear?”  His wife comes down an octave and yells something about “That #%&*  woman…” “What woman?” he asks.  “There’s no other woman here.”

The episode ends with the wife taking a puzzled look into the bedroom which appears completely undisturbed, heaving a sigh and calmly asking “What would you like for dinner dear?”  The point is if you are bold enough to tell a lie that is big enough with a face that is blank enough to a person who is gullible enough and wants to believe you enough, and then if you are dishonest enough to try it, you just may get away with it with many people.

Anyone who knows Barack Obama is President of the United States knows he has been adamantly opposed to completion of the Keystone Pipeline.  He still is.  He gave a speech in Cushing, Oklahoma declaring he is giving a fast tract to the project but the truth is he is blocking it.  Obama has approved a portion of the line over which his approval is not needed and continues to deny approval for the portion where his approval is needed.

There are sufficient oil reserves on U.S. territory to meet 100% of our domestic demand for 200 years.  Obama says repeatedly that we have just 2% of the world’s reserves and use 20% of the supply.

The Obama administration has not laid down one inch of pipeline.  Obama says he has lain so much pipeline that it would reach around the world.

Obama says domestic oil production has risen during his tenure.  That’s true.  It has risen in spite of his efforts to stop it.  Production from land subject to Federal leases has declined.  The only increase has been on private lands over which Obama has no control.

Obama specifically chose Solyndra to be the poster boy for his administration’s government green energy program.  He flew to California to give a long speech at a Solyndra plant holding the company up as one of the finest examples of what his administration is doing to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  Now he says “this was not our program” then blames the Chinese for its failure.

Let’s hope the lies are told often enough that voters will see through them enough to throw the bum out of office.  We have had enough!


The inimitable voice of Michael Crawford


and he says it without a smile. It’s the Messiah complex.

Breitbart’s Obama tapes to be aired tonight on the Hannity program, 9pm Eastern time.

Andrew Breitbart Tribute Video from Ben Howe on Vimeo.


"Now this is what I want you to do, Ben"

Have you noticed how often Barack Obama puts a condescending hand on another head of state?  Have you noticed the selectivity upon whom the gesture is applied?  To Saudi and Chinese leaders he bows in humble respect.  It is upon the shoulders of Western leaders that he lays the hand of superiority.  A handshake is a symbol of acceptance, respect and equality.  A hand on a shoulder is something quite different; it emanates from a paternal instinct.  It says – I’m your senior, be not concerned, I’ll take care of you.  It is a gesture born of an inner feeling of superiority, not from a sense of equality.

When Obama bestows the gesture upon Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu it takes on the added dimension of a mafioso kiss.  It also troubled me when Obama had his photo taken in the oval office showing the bottom of his shoes while talking to Netanyahu.  In the Muslim world that’s the ultimate demonstration of disrespect.  It troubled me even more when, in an unprecedented move by any U.S. president, Obama refused to dine with the visiting Israeli head of state, relegating his dishonored guest to eating alone.  That’s an insult everyone understands.

It troubles me still to see the Israeli head of state need to stand before this contemptuous president of ours, hat in hand to plead for support.  It would be humiliating for a lesser man.  But the Prime Minister shows no disrespect and does it because he puts the welfare of his people above all personal considerations.  I envy the people of Israeli for having such a leader.


This powerful video speaks for itself.