The Washington Post reported today that the president is considering appointing Sen. John Kerry to the post of Secretary of Defense.  My first reaction was one of disbelief.  I doubled checked the source; could I somehow have logged onto the National Enquirer by mistake?  It is not my nature to do “untils.”  I do not sit on flagpoles or refuse to eat until… whatever.  However, occasionally there comes a time for an exception in most anything.  RandomThots has always shown respect for the office of the President of the United States of America.  But this man has tarnished the office and is transforming the nation from the United States of America into the Disunited States of Something-Or-Other.  If the paper’s story proves to be accurate, the time will have come for an exception.  Unless and until we see a complete transformation of Barack Obama, he will be referred to in these pages as the president, not the President.

Other than the value of insult, pray tell exactly what qualifications does John Kerry have to be the head of the United States military?  And if insult is his purpose, why didn’t Obama pick Jane Fonda?  What’s next, Bill Ayers for Secretary of State?

Remember this?  The picture was taken right after Kerry made some disparaging characterization about our soldiers.  At least our troops have a good sense of humor.


This came in my email.  Sandy left me backlogged so I am not certain what post was referenced.  However the message is clear.  It is time for courage and reflection.  It is not time to give up.

“I’m on the road today, enroute to London for meetings with underwriters, so am using my iPhone. Since I haven’t figured out how to comment in Random Thots with this contraption (designed by a devout Socialist named Steve Jobs, I might add), I decided to send this comment directly to you.

Today’s message was especially well-timed. I know that most -if not all- of my conservative friends are more despondent and non-communicative than ever before. The Lindbaughs and Millers and Hannitys etc are all screaming “The end of the world is here!” and I’m too stubborn to join them as they jump off the cliff. Many of my friends are truly fearful to even send email comments – fearing the Obama KGB are collecting the data for a planned purge. Not me.

Anyway, I think your message today was enlightening.  It helped me take a deep breath and know that pulling historical messages into the forefront gives people the courage to do the same. I have faith that it is not time to surrender. In my mind, that time is never.”


About a year ago President Barack Obama was caught on an open mic saying to then Russian President Medvedev that he, Obama, would have more flexibility after the election.  What the Russian leader heard of course was – Russia will have more flexibility if Obama is re-elected.  And so they have.  And so has Iran, Syria, Libya, Egypt and the whole Muslim Middle East.

Fifty two Americans were held hostage for 444 days during Jimmy Carter’s presidency.  The day Reagan was sworn in replacing Carter as President, Saddam Hussein knew he had lost his flexibility and immediately released all hostages.  Less than a week after Obama’s re-election Syria launched rockets into Israel’s Golan Heights.  It is the same Golan Heights that Syria invaded and started the 7 Day War in 1967.  Now Assad knows all he has to fear is a demand from the U.S. that he stop annoying Israel and a request for negotiation.  America isn’t the only nation that lost the election; Israel lost too.


This story told by General Ritchie will make you feel proud of our military..


Rush Limbaugh and much of the punditry have been charging forth with the exclamation that Obama’s victory was all about “free stuff.”  It was about free stuff but it wasn’t all about free stuff.

If it were all about free stuff how would you explain George Soros.  He didn’t back Obama to get a free phone and food stamps.  If color didn’t play a part how do you explain why 97% of voters in 13 heavily black Philadelphia districts voted for Obama?  If it was all about getting free stuff how do you explain the overwhelming support of millionaires and billionaires in Hollywood who stand to see their net incomes disproportionately reduced by Obama’s vow that he will raise their taxes?

It was about free stuff from phones to Obamacare, but it was also about color, guilt and a collection of true believers, the supporters who Lenin dubbed useful idiots.  The election was about a lot of things.

When over the years you have lost academia, the youth, the main stream media, the entertainment industry, voting immigrants, the Jewish vote and even the conservationists, by what reasoning do you think you can win an election against a black man who, in addition to the above has over 90% of the black vote?

The Great American Experiment lifted more people out of poverty than any other form of government in history but now we are going to try something else.  To paraphrase Winston Churchill the voters have chosen to abandon the path of unequal prosperity and start down the road to equal misery.


When as man as dishonest as any who has ever held the office, with an economic record as dismal as that of the last four years, a man who refused to wear a flag pin on his lapel because he disdains the country he aspires to lead, a man who chose as his mentor a preacher who called in no uncertain terms upon God to bring damnation on America, when the people elect and then re-elect such a man to the Presidency you know you are no longer living in the land envisioned by the founders.  You are no longer living in an America as you have always known it.

Tuesday marked the start of the Post-American period for the United States.  Benjamin Franklin feared it; sages from Aristotle to Tocqueville predicted it; Democracy guaranteed it; too few people understand it; Barack Obama neither caused it nor led it.  He simply is presiding over the culmination of it.

It would take a thick book and a half to explain it but I will be foolish enough to try to do it in one paragraph.

Aristotle was the first to say that Democracy would bankrupt a society.  Karl Marx promoted the process with the populist theme “From each according to his ability to each according to his need.”  Today the same philosophy is expressed in the simple phrase Social Justice, which is defined as equal wealth for all.  Government is the vehicle for reaching that goal by taxing wealth away from those who produced it and re-distributing it to those who did not.  In any society achievers will be outnumbered by the masses and Aristotle warned that the masses would eventually deplete the national treasury by voting the wealth of the nation unto themselves and then squandering it.  He called it “the ultimate greed.”

It’s a slow process in a country with a large and prosperous middle class.  Freedoms must be taken away slowly and dependence created gradually.  It has been said that “The American people would never vote for socialism, but under the name of liberalism the American people would adopt every fragment of the socialist program.”  If Socialism is the ultimate greed then Obamacare was the ultimate deception.  It’s primary purpose was dependance, not healthcare.

How will it all end?  That’s the ultimate question.  Democratic countries like Spain, France and Greece have been ravished by overspending.  Unemployment is worse than it is in the United States.  The governments are literally running out of money to pay for benefits the people have come to believe really are entitlements.  The people riot, demonstrate and take to the streets demanding change then vote for a man like Hollande who promises to bring about the desired change by accelerating the very policies that caused the problem in the first place.

I am 81 years of age and will never know how it ends, but my grandchildren will.  That’s why my tagline reads “Driven by love of country and concern for its people, both present and yet to be.”


If you feel devastated by the results of the election and want to get away from American politics for a while, we have a suggestion for where you can go.  No, it’s not that infamous place where the sun doesn’t shine.  Nor is it a place reputedly to be insufferably hot.  Actually, if you decide to go there you may think it is heaven itself.

To keep the location exclusive we can’t reveal it right on this page where anyone could see it.  But if you click on the image you will be told where you can go.


Some polls show Romney clearly in the lead.  Others show the election is still close.  None show Obama with a clear lead.  And the election is tomorrow so the polls are saying Romney will be the winner.  The crowds coming out to Romney and Ryan appearances are huge and growing.  The attendance at Obama’s campaign stops is shrinking.

Ryan is making a great impression on the voters as shown by the huge crowds his appearances are attracting.  Biden continues to make a fool of himself wherever he goes.  The ratio of campaign fund contributions received is far more favorable to Republicans than has been the case for many years.  Obama has lost much of the Catholic vote and has even lost support from the normally solidly Democratic Jewish sector.

There is another observation that I think is very telling although not at all scientific.  It’s the Lawn Sign and Bumper Sticker Predictor.  I live in a part of the country where it takes real courage to show outward support for any Republican.  Think of it as a village of thousands of Chris Matthews.  In 2008, Obama bumper stickers were everywhere while McCain stickers were all but non- existent.  This year Romney’s name is seen as often as Obama’s.  Lawn signs are fewer in number.  Significantly notable to the careful observer is that  the strings of signs promote all of this year’s Democratic contenders often with the exception of Obama/Biden.

Swing voters by definition are the one group that can be depended upon to vote for whomever they think is the best candidate irrespective of party.  Obama’s appeal to voters by promising that if re-elected he will satisfy their desire for “revenge” contrasts sharply against Romney’s promise for a Bigger and Better America.  Swing voters are the last group likely to share Obama’s rage and be looking for revenge.

We are in the last hour and the President looks like toast.  How could he possibly come out the winner?  Voter fraud.  Remember, this has become the Party of Saul Alinsky and Chicago machines, the Party of ends justify the means.  Fraudulent votes do not show up in the polls before the election.  However, the signs are telling me it will be a landslide for Romney/Ryan that will overwhelm whatever voter fraud can be mustered.


Peggy Noonan, always interesting had this to say about the narcissism of Barack Obama.  Considering that his programs are not working, Peggy said,

It is one thing to think you’re Lebron.  It’s another thing to keep missing the basket and losing games and still think you’re Lebron.

That’s our President.  The Democratic Party has gone far astray from the days when the Party’s President kept a sign right on his desk that read “The Buck Stops Here” and he took that very seriously.  In case you are too young to remember who that was, here’s a clue or two.  His adult daughter played the piano and the President lived with his wife in a very modest home smack in the middle of that now disdainful fly-over country.  Mr. Barack H. Obama is the very antithesis of Harry S. Truman.

From Caroline Glick, denouncing the Dunham sex ad designed to appeal to young voters with the message that voting is like a woman giving up her virginity; it should be done with the right man and that man should be Barack Obama, Glick’s response is:

It is demeaning and contemptuous of women. It reduces us to sexual objects. When called on to vote, as far as Obama is concerned, as slaves to our passions, we make our decisions not based on our capacity for rational choice. Rather we choose our leaders solely on the basis of our sexual desires.

Beyond the ad’s bald attempt to impersonalize, generalize and cheapen the most personal act human beings engage in, the ad is repulsive because it takes for granted that what happens in our private lives is the government’s business.

That’s our President.  Here is one more snippet from elsewhere.

“Did you see what President Obama said today? He asked his supporters to vote for revenge — for revenge,” Romney said. “Instead I ask the American people to vote for love of country.”

That’s our next President.  How refreshing.  It is a breath of fresh air coming out of a world of pollution.



Have you noticed that right up to this hour the President’s campaign is not aimed to appeal to the center?  Class warfare remains paramount in his strategy.  He is sacrificing his likeability in the closing days in an effort to strengthen his appeal is to the far left.  John Heilemann explained the strategy back in May when he wrote “Hope: The Sequel,” for the New York magazine

Stanley Kurtz puts it in simpler words,

He’s shooting for a “realignment.” Obama is trying to shape a new kind of electorate, creating a long-term Democratic majority that would allow him and his successors to stop catering to the center and finally govern decisively from the left.

Obama and his advisors never abandoned their quest to shape a permanent leftist majority, a coalition that would forever put an end to Clintonian triangulation and usher in unfettered leftist Obamaism instead. Obama’s frantic efforts to gin up the women’s vote and the youth vote aren’t only desperate attempts to secure his base. They flow from a deliberate decision not to fight for the center, but to build an independent majority on what is supposedly the “demographically ascendent” left.

Obama is going for broke, the whole magilla, Reno or bust, all or none and he is almost there.  Look at how close the polls have remained.  It’s a strategy guaranteed to lose some votes from the swing voters in the middle.  With polls narrowing to the region of 47 to 49 percent for each candidate, Bill Clinton would appeal to the center to win the prize.  Obama is not about to do that; it’s against his religion, metaphorically so to speak.

The President is counting on voter fraud, community organizing style, to pull him through with little ACORNs working quietly around the country and Somalis being bused in to Ohio to vote.  The Democratic demolition team is threatening the very infrastructure of the American voting process.  Don’t let that happen.  Vote.